Green Sanitation

World’s First Solar eToilet

The world’s first electronic solar eToilet for public use has been put up in Kerala India. It generates electricity as well as organic fertilizer from human waste. The world’s first e-toilet, features technology to turn waste into fertilizer, generate power, and even produce drinkable water. The innovative company behind the initiative is Eram Scientific Solutions. It has vowed to continue with its innovative products such as the E-toilets to radically change the way public sanitation works in India.

What is an eToilet?

E-toilets are basically out-houses equipped with automated electronics , solar-power, as well as self-cleaning toilets. These are India’s first automated public toilets, which are hygienically maintained and eco-friendly. When the need arises Eram solution's eToilet mobile app features include the capability to locate the nearest eToilets, provide proper understanding of the mode of operation as well as gain access as well as sharing feedback on user experience of the E-toilet or suggest new places for putting up the eToilets through the mobile app.

How do E-toilet work?

The E-toilet flushes itself before as well as after every use. It features low-flow only using 1.5 liters of water, as compared to a normal flush which uses around 8 to 10 liters of water. The interior gets automatically washed after every tenth use and lighting turns on automatically using power from the built in solar panel system. Electronics monitor everything through GPRS telemetry including usage, water and electricity consumption. Waste is treated through the use of anaerobic biodegradation. The E-toilet also includeds coin-operated vending for sanitary napkins. The lighting system automatically turns on once a user enters. The e-Toilet is also capable of directing the users with audio commands. The ‘smart’ E-toilet also cleans its self automatically. Instructional notes on the outside of the E-toilet guide the user about its use.