Solar Tracker Circuit

Low Cost DIY Solar Tracker Circuit

LM339 Solar Tracker

The LM339 solar tracker circuit can be used on any size solar tracker, single or dual axis, or adapted to any type of solar device. PhotoVoltaic PV solar panels, Solar Concentrators, Solar Heaters, Solar Cookers and even Mobile Solar Trackers and Marine Solar Trackers are possible with our solar tracker circuit. The solar tracker circuit was designed by Mike Mladejovsky, PhD EE. and uses a inexpensive comparator integrated circuit and darlington pair transistor outputs to drive up to a 1 amp DC motor. While this circuit can drive large motors it is also possible to build mini solar trackers with input voltages as low as 3.6 volts. The sensor is simple device using only four clear lens GaP green 5mm 40deg LEDs mounted on a 15mm slice of ABS pipe.

solar tracker LM339 PCB

Schematic Details and Assembly Instructions

The sensor works because LEDs are photovoltaic and produce a small current when exposed to sunlight. Download these two PDF files which contain details on building the sensor, a parts list and layout for the PCB with connection details.

assembly instructions

installation instructions