Solar Tracker Circuit

Low Cost DIY Solar Tracker Circuit

LM339 Solar Tracker Circuit PCB

Below is the printed circuit board artwork for the LM339 circuit. The board is 4.0cm x 4.0cm as measured by the hash marks. The traces are 1mm which should allow you to etch the board using the lazer printer method. On the artwork "B" indicates the battery connections, "M" is the DC motor connections and the LED connections are at the top left. The red dots indicate connections to the positive +12volt rail, the green dots are the -12volt rail connections and the yellow dots are the virtual ground. Resize this image to aprox 8cm width and maintain the aspect ratio and you should get the proper size printout depending on your printer. Check the width of the bar at the bottom and right after printing it should be exactly 37mm.

solar tracker schematic LM339